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MIL Radial

MPT 81, MPT81, MPT, Radialtires, Tires, industrial tractors, forklift trucks, heavy-duty transport vehicles, airport vehicles, dumpers, graders, telescopic lifts

The MPT-Tire with a non-directional profile and good on-road characteristics. This profile is available in size 12.5R20.



  • radial construction
  • high driver comfort
  • wide tread pattern and rounded ground profile
  • self-cleaning
  • optimal tread design
  • good traction
Size Program of the MIL Radial.
Size Program

Choose a dimension of the MIL Radial to find out more about the technical data and load capacities.

Dimensions of the MIL Radial.

12.5 R 20

Continental Industrial Tires - MIL Radial