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Sportrac 2: The power of design

Thanks to the exceptional contribution of the Italian design house Giugiaro Design, Vredestein has achieved an unique position in the top segment of the tyre industry. The designers from Giugiaro and Vredestein have created the ideal combination of aesthetics and safety in the Ultrac and Sportrac 2 tyres.


The Sportrac 2 is a textbook example of tyre aesthetics. It also benefits from various technical breakthroughs, such as an improved tread compound and a stronger sidewall. The new sidewall construction offers a very responsive steering reaction, a high handling ratio and an overall sporty performance. This HTS (Handling Tuned Sidewall) principle also means there is minimal distortion of the sidewall and maximum resis-tance against sideways forces. The responsive steering reaction, which the HTS principle provides, also ensures a car is easy to control in critical situations.


Sportrac 2: The power of design


Handling Tuned Sidewall (HTS)   Sporty performance, very responsive
principle steering reaction and high handling ratio
Tread compound with Silica Sport Solution   Excellent grip on wet road surfaces
Low rolling resistance
Two wide circumferential grooves   Maximum water disposal
Innovative air-tight lining mix   Reduced air loss and longer life-span
Rim edge protection from 55 series and lower    Protects light-alloy rims
Top quality design   Improves the look of your car


Sportrac 2:  The power of design

make a selection 15" 16" 17" RIM DIAMETER
Available in
45 195/45 R 15 78 V
50 195/50 R 15 82 V
205/50 R 15 86 V
55 185/55 R 15 82 V
195/55 R 15 85 V
205/55 R 15 88 V
60 195/60 R 15 88 V
205/60 R 15 91 V
225/60 R 15 96 V
65 195/65 R 15 91 V
205/65 R 15 94 V

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